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Dr. Sandra Nieto, maxillofacial surgeon works with specialists in each oral area to provide comprehensive solutions.

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PROCEDURES SMILE DESIGN / Smile design is one of the most requested procedures in dentistry. / Healthy teeth = a healthy smile. / This information is in Spanish

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Dra. Sandra Nieto, what is your specialty?
I have over 12 years of experience and the latest surgical use for wisdom teeth surgery without trauma, with minimal pain to the highest standards of quality and safety techniques. Why do not they leave the wisdom teeth properly? Usually wisdom teeth erupt or not are not due to lack of space or because the germ is misplaced (The tooth germ is what the tailpiece is formed, in a nutshell is the starting point which originates wisdom teeth).

Some diseases may also prevent these molars erupt and make them stay housed inside the bone. This can cause discomfort and severe recurrent infections at times requiring several days of hospitalization with serious health risks. The lack of eruption of wisdom teeth can also cause cysts that directly affect the jawbone and that in the future may require major surgery.

What is the evolution of the wisdom teeth?
With the evolution of human teeth jaws they were decreased in size, however the number of teeth unchanged. This made insufficient space to accommodate the wisdom tooth without altering the natural shape of the other teeth erupt sooner in life. Which it is why wisdom teeth longer a benefit to the health of the mouth and in many cases become generators of disease and pain. Usually when a radiograph of a 12 or 13 seed or which causes the ridge and goes on radiography and from there the ridge begins to grow, usually start to disturb the 17 or 18 who is taken when they start to hurt and cause headaches, this method matches the orthodontic process.

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Why you should perform wisdom teeth surgery?
Wisdom tooth surgery should be performed between 16 to 30 years. In older patients surgery may be a bit more complex and cause more discomfort and inflammation. Often erupted wisdom teeth can not produce accumulation of bacteria and infections and may also cause injury to adjacent healthy teeth and severe pain.

pain Cordal
ilustracion dolor cordal

When no wisdom teeth erupt, some people may think that this is normal and not worry about this. However these non erupted teeth can cause abscesses, cysts or tumors if they are not identified in time can cause more serious conditions. Wisdom teeth can also cause intense facial pain by its proximity to the nerves that transmit the signal sensitivity of the lower jaw. It is essential to tell your dentist during the annual inspection to check the position of the wisdom teeth and determine when it is best to perform extraction.

What are the precautions that must be taken into account before having surgery wisdom tooth?
Extraction of wisdom teeth such as an inability to generate 3 to 4 days, the pain is minimal and a degree of swelling body according to each patient presents. Nice to have surgery on Fridays for the patient count on several days of rest.

What care should be taken into account after wisdom tooth surgery?
At the exit of the procedure the patient will be given a formula with a medicine to control pain and prevent infection. During the first days we recommend a soft diet and perform a strict dental hygiene, plus sleeping with raised header (Header to 30 degrees) and that being is a very horizontal edema is increased, placing ice or cold packs on the area of ​​surgery 24 hours, to facilitate the reduced inflammation. Then a warm wet cloth is placed. If possible you should stop smoking a week before the procedure and two weeks after extraction of wisdom teeth. Because smoking prevents proper tissue healing.

What determines leaving many or few bruises?
The purple rely solely on the response of each organism and the type of skin, there are patients with many purple with a minimally invasive procedure and there are patients who undergo a major procedure and does not generate almost purple.

Do you go more purple if the patient is one or four wisdom teeth extracted at the same time?
No, the purple depend body as such and response of the individual patient, extracting a ridge or extract four chordal is the same dynamics. Is it preferable that the patient does not have the four wisdom teeth? I generally recommend pull wisdom teeth are not erupted because the bag lining the ridge when in the maxilla or mandible having cells that can produce cysts or tumors in the jaws, then we recommend removing the four wisdom teeth because they are not you can ensure that no cyst formation is generated and you can guarantee that nothing will happen. In the event that the patient does not want to take wisdom teeth it is advisable to perform periodic testing of these to have peace of mind.

Why wisdom teeth can become infected?
Wisdom teeth can become infected in their growth as by its position and not erupt completely becomes very difficult oral hygiene, food debris and plaque accumulate creating risks of infection.

Why wisdom teeth are called wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth start to erupt or cause discomfort between 15 and 25 years old. It is during this period that people are no longer adolescents and adults become reaching wisdom and judgment. That is why these teeth are often called wisdom teeth.

! When you're of age it is time not having wisdom teeth! ..

Are wisdom teeth are canines?
No, wisdom teeth are located behind the second molars. The canines are among the first premolars and lateral incisors. There are two upper and two lower canines. Its function is to tear foods laterally. Wisdom teeth are called third molars (this is called wisdom teeth in the professional environment) often difficult orthodontic treatments that are expensive and durable, can damage healthy teeth neighbors, associated with tumors and fractures of the jaws even in the absence of traumas. Are there people who are born without wisdom teeth? Yes, there are people who are born without wisdom teeth by evolution as such, it depends on the germ is formed or not formed.

What are the extra teeth?
Often numerarios extra teeth or teeth are formed in any position or jaw area, these extra teeth should be removed at the time diagnosed because often hinder the eruption of other dental structures.

How is anesthesia for patients who fear the pain?

There are several types of anesthesia used for the extraction of wisdom teeth: Local anesthesia injections are applied around the ridge and palate so that the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. Local anesthesia with sedation: This anesthesia has the participation of a specialist in anesthesiology who injects the patient a drug that makes the patient feel discomfort or if you feel not remember at the time of completing the procedure, then the patient is not going to remember having trouble but it will be up collaborating in the process. The advantage with sedation is that the patient is awake works, then open your mouth, tilt your head, follow all the instructions that the surgeon needs. And terribly nervous patients we have:

General anesthesia:
This patient is fully asleep and wisdom teeth extractions are performed. Why do you always have to give the injection in the mouth?
If the injection is applied on the palate the patient will feel pain. The maxillary alveolar nerve covering certain areas for pain, the patient feels the sensation of force and pressure during extraction, but will not feel pain, if the palate does not block the patient may feel pain and anesthesia applied in other areas of the jaw is not sufficient. In order to extract the upper third molar is important numb the nerves that pass through the palate. Thus avoiding pain during surgery. Contrary to popular belief, this procedure is not very troublesome and lasts only a few seconds. Does the pain of the ridge is similar to the pain of a cavity? No, it's a different annoying nuisance because a cavity with fresh or thermal changes, the pain of a wisdom tooth is a permanent pain, it upsets his ear and a headache.

If people already erupted wisdom teeth are not removed, they can be given decay?
If people are not extracted wisdom teeth when these are rashes or semi erupted and you are inclined to the immediately preceding tooth prevents the passage of dental floss interrupting the oral cleaning, the toothbrush does not reach the space required, and can cause caries in the third molar and the tooth. Does the patient can enter surgery with a companion? I prefer my patients to go alone to the procedure because more people within the site greater likelihood of contamination and the highest rate of infection.

Do mouthwashes are recommended?
No, mouthwashes or the crops with salt water after wisdom tooth surgery is not recommended, at least the patient must wait five days to make use of this, because it irritates the wound and makes the healing period is over slow. Most mouthwashes have alcohol and are very abrasive for the tissue and hurt. Natural water rinses as calendula and plain water are recommended. The most important thing is to have good oral hygiene, many people make use of needleless syringes with water only to clean these areas under pressure.

After surgery the patient is bleeding a lot?
It is normal for a person to swish with water or spitting blood or debris have their blood to be pink or light red, but if bleeding thick, pure red and is painful should go to control. After surgery people have very bad breath? Can you give kisses? After surgery it is very important to have a good oral hygiene, since the first two days is normal for a person having bad breath because of the blood and the wound as such, but after a while the points are responsible for the bad breath because they plaque and food debris that accumulate there decompose and this is what gives the bad smell of mouth. It is recommended that one person can give kisses once again that the points are removed to prevent infection. Therefore it is recommended to abstain from intimate oral contact with another person for a week.